But that won’t work

Failure is only an option when you stop on an odd-numbered but. John Wolpert Say what!? John Wolpert, on my LinkedIn radar due to his former involvement with blockchain pioneer ConsenSys, released a book about Momentum Thinking […]

What good is a Trusted Credential Issuer List?

This is a brief animated summary of one of my own blog articles. It explains why trusted issuer lists are important for electronic credential verification. Music: “Francisco” by Michael Ramir C. (https://mixkit.co/free-stock-music/rock/) Find even more background info […]

ATP look-ups for DSCSA compliance

This is a quick animated summary of a pretty long blog article by Georg Jürgens from Spherity. It explains why an open standardized approach to DSCSA-relevant Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) look-ups helps everyone in the US pharmaceutical […]

How issuers can manage credential revocation

Spherity has developed an Ethereum-based credential revocation mechanism for use in the US pharmaceutical supply chain I have previously written about the importance of managing a registry of trusted issuers in the context of enterprise Self-sovereign Identity (SSI). A […]

3… 5… next. – Say what?!

Personally, I have grown tired of the abundant use of the word trust in blockchain and SSI-related articles, explainers and ads. Not only does it feel heavily overused, the way I have come to understand SSI-related tech […]