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Two documentaries about social enterprise revived my interest in this business model. Forget all the fluffy stuff and let's talk shop.
About a week and a half ago I went to the prestigious Pitch@Palace 10.0 on Tour contest in Edinburgh with Graham Gaston, CEO of Sensalytx, a data analytics start-up with focus on oil and gas downhole challenges.
Many small business owners want an online presence but creating a website all by themselves is dauting or too time-consuming for some. That's a shame because WordPress offers beautiful free templates.
What a great night we had at the Elevator UK Awards 2018 on 28th June. The awards show was truly inspirational. There are such impressive, driven individuals and future business leaders in this region. NE Scotland has a lot of potential in all sorts of…
Deutsche Version Business support doesn't always mean fixing spreadsheets and sitting in the office. I spent last Saturday at the first ever open-air metal festival in the North-East of Scotland - Full Metal Haggis.
Deutsche Version Below is a short case study of a company I helped set up a system for the management of their training courses without spending any extra cash.